Interactive Application between citizens
and the Municipal Services.


As an active citizen I can participate
and improve the city I live in, even
through my mobile phone.


The Municipal Services utilize the
Application and through an integrated
workflow system respond optimally
to citizens demands.


The Application Citizen Request was developed by Computer Link, a company established and entrenched in the I.T sector for more than 25 years, with the purpose of bridging the communication gap between the Municipalities and the Citizens. It undertakes the extroversion of the Municipalities to Citizens by providing a reliable communication system for all matters that a Citizen could apply for, making his physical presence in the Municipality unnecessary.

The Citizen through the use of the Citizen Request system can be sure that his inquiry or request that he submitted will be routed to the appropriate department within the Municipality and he will be able to track it’s progress online. At the same time he has the ability to interact with the Municipality’s employees, providing them with the possibility of additional information when needed.

Grab the opportunity to “position” your Organization in the era of e-governance without any prerequisites or additional infrastructure needed.


The application gives the citizens the ability, through a dynamic and customizable modern environment, to submit questions, complaints and report problems to a Municipality. There is no limitation as to the nature of the question or request a citizen can submit. Through a flexible system each Municipality can create dynamic forms uniquely tailored to each Request category for the immediate service of the citizen.

Citizens can learn to cooperate with the Municipality and to assist in improving their city through the services being offered to them. The “Citizen Request” application covers requests, suggestions, reports of stray animals, damaged playgrounds, graffiti, questions about registrations to public programs e.g. (Kindergarten, Swimming, summer Holidays, etc.), applications for permits, hiring halls, circulatory problems, abandoned vehicles, injuries, etc.

Each Municipality’s department can create custom forms for communicating with the citizens on issues which are competent to carry out. The application undertakes, through the use of a sophisticated workflow management system, the automatic assignment of a request to the appropriate Department of the Municipality in order for the process of resolving the submitted issue to begin, through pre-defined steps. At each step the citizen is automatically updated on the status of his request until it has been fully resolved.

For Citizens

Report immediate problems

Direct Communication

Learn about current issues

Communication with the services of the municipality

For Municipalities


Citizen participation in the improvement of the city.


Multiple ways of communication (web, Android, IOS).


Informing Citizens on progress of their application.


Automated workflow process for municipal services.


Interaction and collaboration between the services of the municipality.


Approval system of responses to citizens.


Schematic map of requests per category and per situation.


Create statistics and computer graphics.


Informing the public about the important news of the city.


Multilingual Environment.

ΚWe make your life better!


24/7 citizen interaction with the city

The application allows citizens to be informed about news and activities of the municipality while through simple and quick procedure can register a request on municipal services and monitor its evolution.

Geolocation Capabilities

With a simple mouse click on the map a citizen can create a request with all the information regarding the location. Photograph the object of your request with your smartophone and send it directly to the municipality.

Powerful Reporting

The system, based on the Workflow, generates� detailed Reports thus leading the municipal services in optimal design procedures for direct service to the Citizen.

Powerful Management of Requests And Built-in & Work Flow

The municipal services collect and manage all requests through the portal, application, emails, phone calls, web forms, or other systems available to the citizen.

Citizens ‘ requests are automatically routed based on workflow applied per Municipality in the respective departments, saving time and reducing the response time on completion.

I love my city!

The Municipality enhances e-governance and strengthens the Extraversion, while managing all requests via Internet without having to invest in new infrastructure.

The citizen cares for the city and with fast procedures contributes to her improvement, thus proving that he loves the city in which he lives.

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